That's according to industry guru and Senior Editor of TechHive magazine, Michael Brown, and we agree.

Wireless networks are fabulous at keeping you on-line as you roam about the house on your smart phone or tablet, but wifi has some considerable shortcomings when it comes to certain other applications. So what's the problem ? TV !, Television, The Gogglebox ! The beast in the corner (or on the wall), that every year gets bigger, smarter and more hungry, and they're multiplying. Two thirds of homes in the UK have three or more televisions, and very soon they'll all demand to be connected to the internet via your home network, along with many many other devices besides.

Now theory the latest and best 802.11ac wireless routers should be able to send high def video zipping through your home without any wires. That is unless of course your home has thick walls, under floor heating, foil backed insulation, cordless phones, a baby monitor, a microwave, bluetooth devices, humans, un-friendly wireless neighbours, compatibility issues etc etc.... The list of factors affecting your wireless network's performance is extensive, making streaming of HD across a wireless network a challenge.

Now consider, the fact that HD is old hat and we now have the likes of Netflix streaming 4K Ultra HD content, requiring around 10 times the network speed, add to that, Johnny on his Playstation playing against his buddies on-line, Julie watching Corrie on Catchup whilst you are desperately trying to book a slot on Tesco's web site to have your shopping delivered and suddenly, your 70Mb BT Infinity Service (300Mb if you have their Fibre To The Premises service) is no longer the issue. Its wireless congestion causing your TVs to buffer and your laptop to suddenly drop its connection just as you are about to check out !

Enter the wire !

Relatively inexpensive and very under-rated. Easy and cheap to install in a new home, less so in an existing one, Cat5/6 ethernet cable, the back bone of all office networks large and small, is slowly gaining ground in the UK New Homes market, and not before time. Capable of speeds of 1 Gigabit/S (thats 1000Mb) per device, Cat6 cable can also be used to transfer HDMI and control signals around your home from your Sky box, Virgin box or even your soon to be extinct Blu Ray Player. And for every device on a wired network connection, bandwidth is freed up on your wireless network for those mobile devices which need to be wireless.

Forward thinking developer Redrow Homes have become the first national home builder to offer a wired Home Network option across all its developments through its partnership with Hip Smarthome Ltd. The central network hub is around a fifth the depth of standard solutions meaning it can fit neatly under the stairs in even the most modest new build home.  And the easy termination system makes the system simple for a standard electrical contractor to fit.

So, if you are in the business of building new homes, or you're building or renovating your own home, don't forget the Cat !