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Hip Smart Home Music module

Apart from the fact that this is more discreet, the hard wired speakers in the ceiling use 6.5” Bass Drive Units which give a far deeper richer sound than an all in one type unit sat on a side board.

The speakers are also positioned ideally to fill the whole room evenly with deep, rich, detailed sound. Ask the Sales Agent on your chosen development for a demonstration.

Unlike many wireless systems the audio is not compressed and is not prone to buffering and dropout issues.

There’s no limit. If your Apple IOS or Android device is connected to your wireless router, it can control the system.
The system has a number of ways of accessing your own digital music library.

  1. If the music is stored on a PC or Mac, as long as its switched on and connected to your wireless router either wirelessly or via one of the hard wired points (if you choose them) the system can access your music for you to browse and play with the app.
  2. If your music is stored on a Networked Attached Storage Device, the system can access the music directly from that.
  3. If your music is stored on a USB Hard Drive or USB Memory stick you can connect them directly at the system cabinet.
  4. If the music is stored on the device you are controlling the system with, the music will appear in the app and can be streamed directly to the system.
Absolutely. All the usual stations including your local Radio Stations and hundreds of global radio stations are available to choose from.
The system currently supports TuneIn, Deezer, and Napster (Spotify due in a Software Update scheduled for Spring 2015).
You simply use the app to select what you want to listen to where and at what volume. Each room can play its own music or rooms can be grouped together in party mode.
Yes, there are three USB ports on the central hub where you can plug in.
Not at the moment but its due in a software update scheduled for Spring 2015.
No, but if you have a Router there, you can use the system without a broadband connection. See the User Manual for instructions on how to get started. You can download this from our downloads section.
Before using the Radio feature you'll need to sign up at www.tunein.com. Its free and only takes a minute. Then go to the settings menu and select Music Services / Add Service / Tunein. Then enter your user name and password and you're done.
First you'll need to download the Music Share Application. See Downloads Section. Install the downloads application and follow the on screen instructions. The music will then appear under My Music in the Music Control App. See User Manual for detailed instructions.
There are three USB sockets on the back of the Music System hub. You'll need to remove the cover. No tools are needed, just pull the cover gently, holding it on either side. On the right hand side of the Main Music Hub, you'll see the Three USB sockets, you can use any / all of them. Just connect the USB from your hard drive and then open your Music Control App. Go to Settings / Music Library and press refresh. See user manual for further information.
First you'll need to connect your NAS drive to your Router. If you have the Hip Smart Hub or Hip Smart TV, you can do this by simply connecting the NAS Drive to any one of the Network Wall Points with an Ethernet cable. If you don't simply connect the NAS Drive to any one of the available ethernet ports on your Router. Follow the setup details that came with your NAS drive and check that it is working and connected to your Network before attempting to setup the Music System. Once your NAS drive is setup use the Music Share application on your PC/Mac to scan for the music. Once scanned the music will appear under My Music. See User Manual for more details.
We love Napster ! It works great, you'll need to sign up for the Napster Unlimited service and enter your account details under Music Services in the app but once you do, you'll have instant access to a vast library including the latest chart releases. For Spotify lovers, this is on its way and will be available in a software update coming soon.


Simply plug an Ethernet patch cable (inexpensive and available from all computer stores) in between the ethernet socket on your device and the ethernet socket on the wall. There is no password or configuration required. Once connected, your device will be able to connect to the internet and other devices on your home network.
The Smart Hub is designed to place your own WiFi router inside. It also contains a patch panel and patch cables which allow you to easily connect the ethernet ports on your router to the ethernet cables which run through the property to the ethernet sockets in the lounge, kitchen/family area and master bedroom.
That depends on your broadband speed and the specification of your router but the cabling and connections are rated at 10Gigabits per second.
You can purchase a device called a network switch from your computer supplier. This will plug into any one of your network points. They are fairly inexpensive and can be bought in different sizes, with typically, 4/8/16 ports. They require no setup and are very simple to connect up.
With the SmartHub, the Network Points are in fixed locations in the Lounge, Kitchen Family Area and Master Bedroom. If you require Network Points in oter location, you will need to go for HipSmartTV in addition to HipSmartHub.

Hip Smart Home TV module

Smart TVs and games consoles are particularly bandwidth hungry and as such will perform best with a high speed wired connection. Soon all TVs will be smart TVs so if you are having more than three TV points installed we recommend each has its own network point.
You can specify where you want the Network Points to your Sales Consultant. We'd recommend a minimum of one Network Point adjacent to each one of the TV points you have specified and two in key areas such as the main lounge, rooms which may have a games console, PC or printer in the room.



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