BT Sport has confirmed that it will be bringing 4K Ultra HD sport to your TV in August 2015. Alongside a number of announcements, BT confirmed that a new channel, appropriately called BT Sport Ultra HD will be launching in August. At the same time, it's confirmed that there will be a new set-top box supporting UHD.

This will be the first UHD sport channel in Europe and you'll be treated to UEFA Champions League games, Barclays Premier League, FA Cup and Aviva Premiership Rugby in glorious 4K.

The first 4K broadcast will be The Community Shield, which sees the winner of the Premier League play with winner of the FA Cup in a charity match and is scheduled for 2 August 2015, giving you a date that BT Sport Ultra HD will be live.


The channel will be delivered via your internet connection and across your home network and a wireless connection is not advised, so for best results you'll need your Router next to your TV or a hard wired home network in place. For more info on home networks visit