We're proud to announce, respected home builders, Redrow have partnered with Hip Smart Home Ltd to become the first home builder to offer integrated multi-room music, and home networking options nationally across its developments. Currently available on most Redrow Homes in the South East, Southern Counties, Lancashire and the North West, the options will soon be available to home buyers nationwide.

Buy a new car and it comes with a simple to use sound system built in, all the wires hidden, all the speakers flush, and simple controls just where you need them. We passionately believe when you buy a new home, you should have that same option so our simple business goal is to provide that option on as many new homes as possible.

To achieve this we've made the process simple and profitable for developers and our systems, simple and enjoyable for their customers.

If you are in the business of building new homes, please get and touch to see what we can bring to your developments.


Neil Taylor

Managing Director